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Light and Time display Roschetzky Photography



To be a texan. To be an Austinite. 

I found a way to cope with life and the heat. Everyday is a new story and a struggle to make a living and afford our high living expenses. We strive for clean energy and healthy safe drinking water for us and our kids. I try to capture clean, crisp photos that showcase the sunsets and the lights of our capital city.

Fine Art Photography On Your Wall

Canvas Art - Prices Vary based on Size

Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Multiple sizes to order: 1-2 Week Wait

Custom Orders

Any Photo on this Site can be ordered!


Roschetzky Fine Art Photography


Austin Furniture Depot

7511 Burnet Rd. 

Austin, TX 78756


In Colorado you have a Gold Mine of oppurtunity. Need a Challenge? Hike a 14er. Want to do something radical , Snowboard down it. Everything you need from relaxation to true on the edge of your seat exposure. Mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and everything an adrenaline junky and novist hiker would truly appreciate in combination. Colorado is on top of the changing American Rat Race.

Events & Bookings

My Photography has allowed me to have the honor of capturing some very memorable moments while working on the job. When everyone comes together for that special moment a photographer is the one you turn to for that special picture that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Winter Wonderland 

A time and place where people hardly travel and the sound of nothing is so much louder. The weather , the snow , the fresh air, winter is a special time of year. After heading to Alaska and all over the high altitude Rocky Mountains  you see why every season has it's bonuses. Riding fresh powder is like nothing else on earth. Standing on a totally snow covered face offers one amazing experience each winter. You get to Ride Down!

Graffiti Wall & Outdoor Art 


Austin Graffiti Art Well or Hope Art Gallery and other Outdoor Art



Clean Energy.
Better Jobs. 
Renewable Energy For the Future.  

A Collection of My Travels to explore how and why clean energy is better and cheaper then fossil fuel polluting energy. 



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